VIP Membership

Those who prove themselves to be reliable and able to do the job correctly will receive a VIP Membership Card containing your own unique profile.

This will allow you to apply for further shoots as a certified individual and you will receive discounts for these shoots.

Typically a VIP Card will last for one year but to be given a renewal you must shoot at least 3 times per year and have a 5 star rating from one or more of O/our producers.

VIP Cards cost nothing other than your devoted efforts. The standards are extremely high and typically you must be ok with a scene being unmasked when required. (though W/we do not insist upon it for every shoot)

For extra points you can share and talk about SheWolfæ™️ on various social media platforms.

There is no application process, one of O/our producers will simply be impressed by your efforts and will offer you membership.