Meet some of the team behind SheWolfæ™

Lady Aleera Wolf,

Otherwise know as the Queen of Wolves, Lady Wolf established Her business in 2012 when She stepped up from being a fetish model to picking up the camera Herself, but don’t let that fool you, Lady Wolf is proficient in the art of capturing beauty through the viewfinder of a lens.

From the mere age of 10 years old She has had some form of camera in Her hands and loves sharing the world from Her eyes. Constantly seeking new ways to represent how She views the world. While purposefully leaving no detail unattended. Whether it be stills or moving representations of Her Universe.

Earning Her place in the aristocracy of fetish and BDSM, working with some of the worlds finest professionals, She is often spotted in the mechanics of a club, running fetish productions or having Her feet massaged while sipping cocktails in the highest class establishments.

Aleera also has a professional background in high end Graphic Design for both digital and print, earning Her title of Expert across many platforms. She often refers to Herself as a Geek, but be mindful of how you address Her. 

Now the Owner of many businesses of Her own Lady Wolf has begun to work with SheWolfæ on a series of beautiful fetish productions. Stay tuned for more coming soon.